Poems by Murray Edmond
Published April 2022

A poetical variety show of deep satire and wistful hope so out of fashionable time as to boomerang around as cutting edge.

Available as a bundle with Sandbank Sonnets, a chapbook verse memoir dedicated to Kirikiriroa / Hamilton, and also celebrating the centenary of Eliot’s The Waste Land.

Review by Alan Roddick on Landfall Review Online

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Francois Villon addressed them: ‘You singers singing what you like without compulsion, ribald and laughing, joyous in deed and word.’ Murray Edmond locates himself among them, a singer of fables, atonements, regalings, capers and encomiums; ribald and laughing, sharp-eyed master of the neighbourhood tragicomedy, scatter-brained student of apocalypse. My arsehole worked like a dream, he says, and ‘How can you make a thick soup / without riches and laughter?’ FARCE has it all: the busrides, campfires, homages and détournements.

—Michele Leggott

When we launched our theatre company, Indian Ink, 20 odd years ago, the smartest thing we did was to get Murray Edmond on board as our dramaturge. We strapped him to the crow’s nest as we navigated many a treacherous stretch of blank page. He warned us of rocks and pirates and icebergs and mermaids. Without him we would have been shipwrecked long ago. There’s a strong alliance between theatre and poetry and Murray evokes it magnificently in this wonderful collection. Of course he does—both art forms are in his bones.

—Jacob Rajan & Justin Lewis

The poetry is blunt and sharp, like an old razor. Murray Edmond wields it with lackadaisical rhyme, foam, spit, blurt and fantasy. A reader comes out with pleasantly bald legs.

—Nick Ascroft

Dead hobbits, A4-isms, eradication plans for feral poets in Titirangi, capers and encomiums, blue bottle blues, swirled together in the bottom of the glass. In questionable taste and all the better for it, in turns rude, sardonic, reflective, witty and mercurial, FARCE shows an unfashionable disregard for contemporary pieties. Murray Edmond is back on the night shift, striding across the arsehole of the world in his squeaky crocs.

—Victor Billot

Murray Edmond is known variously for his work as a poet, playwright and fiction writer, and as an editor, critic and dramaturge. His poetry collections Letters And Paragraphs, Fool Moon, and Shaggy Magpie Songs were finalists in the New Zealand book awards for poetry. Many of his poems have featured in journals and in anthologies. He has worked extensively in theatre as a writer, actor, director and dramaturge, notably for 20 years with Indian Ink’s Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis on the creation of all that company’s scripts.