Nothing to See Here


Poems by David Merritt
Published January 2021
ISBN 978-0-9951251-6-2

Nothing to See Here was selected, designed, printed, and bound by Chris Holdaway at Compound Press, Auckland. Typeset in Stampact and Churchward Newstype. Risograph printed on Eco100 and Environment Evergreen recycled papers. Marbled boards salvaged from rubbish skip outside Ministry of Education, Wellington. The edition is of 6 hand-numbered copies.


David Merritt has been at the coalface of poetry for years. He travels up & down New Zealand with his production line, staking out benches wherever there is foot traffic. His Landroverfarm Press books are made largely from scavenged recycled materials: paperbacks & hardbacks. He accepts alternative currencies such as lolly cake, takeaway coffees, & smokes. If you’re not careful, The David Merritt Poetry Experience might be coming to a venue near you. He’s copyleft.