Gorse for five voices

Out of print

A poem by Chris Holdaway
Drawings by Lucy Meyle
Published November 2013
Edition of 35
ISBN 978-0-4732692-6-5
Moro, e mentre sospiro,
l’aura d’un mio sospiro
corre volando a farsi alma d’un core,
ch’anch’ei sospira e more.


I die, and as I breathe my last,
the breath of one of my sighs
takes speedy flight and becomes the spirit of a heart
which then also breathes its last, and dies.


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Chris Holdaway is a poet & editor from Auckland, New Zealand. He is the author of HIGH-TENSION/FASHION (Greying Ghost, 2017), & directs Compound Press. He received his MFA in poetry from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA, and his MA(Hons) in linguistics from the University of Auckland. His work has been published in Cordite, Cream City Review, The Seattle Review, & Southerly, among others.