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Mating in Captivity


A comedy by Oliver Page
Published August 2018

First presented by Last Tapes Theatre Company at The Basement Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand on August 16, 2016.

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Balling. Boffing. Getting laid and making love. Its all sex. And there’s so much to say about sex. After a sell-out season at Auckland’s Basement theatre, Mating in Captivity is coming to titillate and challenge the most liberal city in Aotearoa: Wellington.

“The year’s wildest, wittiest whirlwind of a love battle… Outrageously racy… Sparkling… Gay!” (His Girl Friday, 1940)
Well, a bit gay. It’s complicated.

Uproarious jealousy and sexy quick wit play into claustrophobic bedroom politics in this viciously sharp queer comedy of errors filled with delight and desire. Rob and Annie are playing house when the past comes knocking, switching things up in their bedroom.

It’s whip smart, it’s funny, it’s about sexual subtext and you can’t spell subtext without butt-sex.

“I loved that f*cking show from beginning to end.” – Tom Sainsbury

“A truly modern day romp … Mating in Captivity is a lively and fun commentary on what it means to be in love in today’s social landscape” – Theatre Scenes

“… warning or promise? – it contains swearing, nudity and descriptions of sexual activity.” – NZ Herald

Oliver Page is a writer & film-maker based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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