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vocoder lorry


Poems by Alex Taylor
Published December 2017
Edition of 100
ISBN 978-0-9941123-1-x

The poetry in vocoder lorry is a kind of translation, yet somehow it seems to involve only one language… It recalls the practice of homophonic translation, where the target language aims at preserving the sound of the source, rather than a preoccupation with equally vagrant meaning & idiom (notable are the Zukovsky variants of Catullus). Alex Taylor takes this well-known strategy of a perhaps bygone avant-garde, & folds it in on itself & himself, producing translations of his own English with still more English, & so holds up a vibrantly confused linguistic mirror.

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Alex Taylor is poet as well as one of New Zealand’s leading young composers of orchestral and chamber music; a multi-instrumentalist, critic, lecturer, conductor & impresario. His works have been featured in concerts in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, America and Europe, performed by groups such as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and 175 East. He has performed across a range of vocal and instrumental genres, including as lead vocalist for the Blackbird Ensemble, as concertmaster for the Auckland Youth Orchestra on their European tour in 2011, and as the Sorceress in his own recomposition of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas with Frances Moore’s Unstuck Opera. He is currently writing an opera based on David Herkt’s The Last Delirium of Arthur Rimbaud.

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